Beverage Import Experts for More Than 40 Years

The Biscaldi Group was founded in Genoa, Italy in 1969 by Luigi Biscaldi as “Biscaldi Luigi Import-Export SRL”. Biscaldi first made it’s mark in the Italian beverage import market with products from the Dressler Brewery in Bremen. In 1973 they added more beer to their portfolio when they collaborated with Holsten Group of Hamburg.

The company grew substantially in the 80’s by identifying and selecting major, successful brands such as Edar, Fischer Gold, and Urbock to enrich their portfolio. Closely following and anticipating market trends has always been a strength of Biscaldi; couple that with providing excellent customer service and you have the winning combination of a company that has built it’s own success.

Pietro, son of Luigi, started training in the company when he was just 17 years old, learning the ropes of the company from the ground up. He went on to study Economics in University, and in 1989 Pietro took over as CEO of Biscaldi company. From the beginning he took to heart the key cornerstones of the company: customer service and innovation.

Biscaldi company believes in and supports the products that they import and distribute. They invest in promoting their brands through major add campaigns in some of the most popular magazines, newspapers, and television stations.

Biscaldi and Corona Extra
In 1989 Biscaldi company signed an exclusive contract with Modelo Group which gave them sole rights to import and distribute Corona Extra in Italy, Monaco, and Malta. At that time, Corona Extra was virtually unknown in Europe, and other beverage experts did not predict it to be successful. However, the collaboration of Biscaldi and Modelo was both significant and fruitful, the results of which surprised everyone with first year sales exceeding the projected figures by over 500%!

Biscaldi company was responsible for the success of Corona Extra in Italy, and as of 1989 Italy has been the number one market for Corona Extra in Europe. First, Biscaldi analyzed the Modelo strategy in the United States, then, they developed an appropriate version for the Italian market. The creation of an outstanding image, establishing a reasonable price point, and developing excellent relationships with distributors were all elements of their strategy that contributed to the profitable outcome.

In 2007, Corona Extra sold over 1.5 million cases in Italy. That same year, due to a change in International strategies, the new management at Modelo Group put an end to the 18 year relationship.

Biscaldi Group is Born
In 1992 Biscaldi Import-Export SRL acquired the Welsh company Ty Nant Spring Water Ltd, producers of Ty Nant and TAU natural spring waters. With the acquisition Biscaldi Luigi Import-Export SRL became Biscaldi Group, a company that has expanded beyond beer to include several product categories. Biscaldi Group offers beer, wine, spirits, and non alcoholic beverages, has a staff of approximately 100 people, and owns the restaurant “Futura” located in the city center of Genoa.

Biscaldi and beers
Biscaldi Group is well known for their experience and credibility in the beer market, careful of selecting top brands that appeal to distributors and consumers alike. In 2000 they began importing Asahi Super Dry, a reference product for the local Japanese, that has since become one of the most popular beers in Italy. In 2009 they acquired shares in Viru, the Estonian beer with it’s characteristic octagonal bottle already distributed by Biscaldi Group. This business venture emphasized the approach that the Group takes to the market; investing in their constant commitment to offer innovative, high quality products.