The Experience

Since 1969 Biscaldi Luigi Import-Export Srl. has been known to market major brands that have contributed to the history and development of beverages in Italy. The success they have achieved, the wide range of products they carry, and the experience they have gained over decades combines to enable them to be classified as 360º beverage partners.

Le Dive di Biscaldi

For over 40 years many of the brands that Biscaldi Group has imported and distributed have been number one in the world. The search for innovative, quality products is imperative to the company. Today, they offer the Italian market a wide range of leading brands from over 20 countries worldwide, including: beer, wine, spirits, and alcohol free beverages. Since 1984, these top quality products have been known as “Le Dive di Biscaldi”, divas in the world of beverages.

The team

The team consists of various departments that each serve their own specific function in order to carry out the common goal of giving the best customer service possible. There is an internal team comprised of marketing, trade marketing, and customer service departments that are based in Genoa. There is also a group of sales professionals that travel nationally to distribute the products. Traditionally, Biscaldi group worked only in on-trade distribution, but they have expanded their repertoire to include off-trade distribution as well.